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HOLLY HUTCHINSON, is the founder of Pictor Parfum.

Holly’s repertoire in the fragrance industry extends to her other brands, Memoize London, Adscenture and EAUMG. She is also co-founder of Contradictions in ILK.

Holly’s Journey through the fragrance world has been

one spanning 15 years, giving her a wealth of 

knowledge and experience. Her exciting 

journey has awarded her experience 

across areas of design, development, 

conceptualizing, directing product 

photoshoots, all the way through to 

production and new product development.

Pictor Parfum is a new concept born 

from Holly’s passion for photography.

As a student, Holly had a keen eye for

imagery, and the story behind each 

individual photo. Much like a perfume,

a photo is a very personal and emotive

experience, a throwback to a past 

experience, a friend, or place. 

We use photography as the visual 

stimulus and combine this with scent 

to present our interpretation of our 



We create A Scented Vision.

‘The sense of smell can be extraordinarily evocative, bringing back pictures as sharp as photographs of scenes that had left the conscious mind.’ Thalassa Cruso.

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Pictor Parfum; Is a creative brand which
harnesses the artistic and creative bodies
held within both photography and perfumery.
We take inspiration from a visual image
to create our scents. We embody creativity,
through imagery, scent and discerning 

design. We are aspirational, we are
independent and we are passionate 

about perfume. We capture 

a moment in time through 

our fragrance.

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